Monday, May 5, 2014

Things I learned from my mixed media flop

Even though I watched mixed media videos for a while before trying my hand at a canvass, even with the best knowledge, best intentions and best equipment and inks...things can and do go very wrong! lol

You have to also have the maturity to laugh when things don't go as planned. This happens of course after you sulk for a few hours. Maybe...that's more of a lack of maturity...

Thing #2 that I learned, you can print (photocopier) on tissue paper if it is taped to a piece of photocopy paper and get a beautiful image.

Thing #3 that I learned, photocopy images will smear when damp if you rub your fingers over the image. Yup, I did that too!

 Thing #4 that I learned, tissue paper is a wonderful medium to stamp on if you use Memento Ink. Turned out great!
 Thing #5 that I learned, I was really happy with my choices for placement of my elements on the canvass. Cricut has some really beautiful images.
Thing #6 that I learned, use die cuts that are white, much easier to cover in gesso so that the ink adheres to it.
 Thing #7 that I learned, I love using stencils with texture paste so that I get some texture on my creations. Just love that!

 Thing #8 that I learned, lots of different textures can work beautifully!

 Another angle to see the texture on the canvass.

Thing #9 that I learned, never be afraid to try out different die cuts on your creation. Some work, and some don't but when they doooooo, it's magic.

This canvass was suppose to be my entry into Circleville National Scrapbooking day. I just thought I'd let you see what I worked on all week. Sometimes things don't turn out...c'est la vie!


  1. I learned a lot from you! And I think your canvas is perfect as is! Texture, color, imagination, who could ask for more?

  2. As long as one learns, it's good!

  3. I love the different textures, Diane and the wonderful quote. I can't let go of order and straight lines, so I'm totally in awe of your ability to create such a lovely piece. : ) Christine

  4. I love your canvas. The textures and colour combination look great.