Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ladies slippers, crochet

Opa slippers

I bought the pattern in the link above and then I made modifications! I loved how wide the slippers were...lots of toe room. I made the slippers as per the pattern. When it came to make the top flaps, I skipped that and made an over sized flower instead. Then I sewed with a darning needle and a piece of pink yarn the flower to the slipper.

I used this flower pattern:

Flower Pattern

The petals curled as I was making them. I liked it so much, I never uncurled them, just left them as they were.

I used Bernat Softee Chunkee yarn.

I think they turned out pretty good! I'm not as rusty at crocheting as I thought!


  1. These slippers look way too cute. The flowers are adorable. You definitely are not rusty at all.

  2. Not rusty at all! Those slippers look so comfy and are fantastic to look at too!