Sunday, June 16, 2013

New card using the Cuttlebug!

I'm mainly a big Cricut user but sometimes, they just don't have what I need in a cut. So I have bought a few dies for specific cuts to use in my Cuttlebug. This card uses 2 Cuttlebug folders, one for the 3/4 front page and the second for the inside page. The flower is a Sizzix cut from their beautiful die called Tattered Florals. Then I found this video that takes this cut to a whole new level.

Tattered florals tutorial on Youtube

The inside button of the flower is just a thin strip of light cardstock cut about a quarter inch wide and a couple inches long. I then cut thin strips along the length of it, rolled it up around a toothpick, glued the end to the roll and then glued this tube to my flower. Once the glue was dry I pressed back the little cuts to make the middle of the flower.

The leaf is a new die by Cottage Cutz. I bought a butterfly die and leaf die because they are very pretty. I went to their website and watched a video on how to use them in my Cuttlebug. I tried paper, thin cardstock and thick cardstock...all with the same results, the die does not cut through or evenly. I tried researching my problem but I just can't find much info on the die itself. Just to make sure, I tested some of my Spellbinders and Sizzlets to make sure it wasn't my Cuttlebug, it wasn't. First time I have so much trouble cutting with a die in my Cuttlebug...never had a problem before.

Anyways, I really like how it all came together, thanks for visiting.


  1. I love embossing folders. I don't always remember to use them, but when I do I think it makes such a big impression. Love your card.

  2. Thank you, now that I have so many, I will be taking them out a lot more!