Sunday, April 7, 2013

Two fast and easy scarves!

The link I posted yesterday was for making these scarves with a crochet hook. The lady on the Youtube video said I could easily make one scarf in 30 minutes. The knitted scarves take 4 hours to make. So while watching Dancing with the Stars, I set out to see how fast I could make one with my crochet hook. I made the blue one first with a size N crochet hook. I made it with 14 stitches on the hook as she described it on the video. It took me 45 minutes flat to make one. I was pretty impressed and so was my husband. The scarf is very full but a tad on the short side. I had another hour of Dancing with the Stars to watch, so I made the pink one. This time I used 12 stitches in total on the hook. Again, finished it in 45 minutes. The scarf was longer, which I wanted but a bit on the thin side. Out of the two, I think that I would enjoy wearing the fuller blue one. 

It was quick and easy, which I love because I'm always busy and short on time. I still enjoyed making one on the knifty knitter and if time wasn't always so short, I would prefer my scarf on the knifty knitter. BUT for me, right now in my life, fast and quick wins!

Oh I used Patons, Pirouette scarf for each scarf.


  1. Awesome scarves, Di!! The colors looks so vibrant...sure to perk anyone up!

  2. What a fun post! Great job on the scarves! Thanks for the info!