Friday, February 15, 2013

Still loving my KK looms

This is a special baby gift for a great niece or nephew. I've been working at it for almost a month and I'm just over the half way mark. I don't always have time to create hand made pieces, but this winter, I am determined to finish this beautiful soft blanket for the new baby. 

I used my long blue KK loom and worked it around. So what you see in the photo is only half the width. This is not a double sided blanket. The edges of the blanket will be stabilized with a crochet boarder. The yarn is a luxuriously soft yarn by Bernat called Baby Blanket. It's really lovely to work with. Here is the link:

Baby blanket pattern

If you look closely, the knitting is nice and even and the knitting just feels sooooo soft. I love how I can pick up my looms when I'm relaxing after a long day at work and just create something so beautiful. I'm always on the hunt for new looming patterns with easy to understand instructions. Of course Youtube has lots of wonderful how tos and Pinterest is also a great resource. 

I'm so glad I picked up these looms!


  1. Well, that is one of my favorite yarns to use on looms too-- and your baby blanket is just beautiful! How clever to use a crochet stitch to stabilize the edges!! I have wondered about that!

    I know the mom will love it-- lovely gift!

  2. Stricken macht mir immer viel Spass, ich habe es aber noch nie mit einem Strickrahmen versucht. Ich arbeite immer noch mit den guten, alten Stricknadeln. Für die Kordeln habe ich eine Strickliesel mit 4 Maschen und für Puppenkleider die Strickmaschine von Barbi.
    Du machst sehr schüne Sachen mit deinem Rahmen. Zeige es , wenn es fertig ist.
    Liebe Grüsse, Ulla

  3. Translation:
    Knitting I always have fun, but I've never tried using a knitting loom. I still work with the good old knitting needles. For the cords I have a knitting spool with 4 stitches and doll clothes for the knitting machine of Barbi. You're doing great things with your schüne frame. Show it when it's finished. Best regards,

    Thank you Nadia and Ursula for the lovely comments!

  4. Thanks for the link...sounds kind of easy.. it sure looks pretty. I'll have to try that yarn. TFS