Monday, February 25, 2013

Sometimes treasures find you....

I love old furniture. When my Uncle went into the nursing home, my cousin gave me the furniture in the house....after I found out he didn't want it that is. You see, most of this furniture belonged to my grandparents. It's a good thing my Uncle was a pack rat because he had wonderful things that he had kept alive and well during his lifetime. For me, it was family furniture and it had historic and sentimental value. And yes, Pinterest gave me umpteen ideas on how to refinish all these lovely pieces.

Of course having quite a few pieces to refinish hasn't stopped me from hitting the second hand stores or the pawn shops. About three weeks ago, I left my husband at the chiropractor's for his appointment and ran across the street to the Pawn Shop. Of course I found a couple of pieces and told the owner I'd be back with my husband. Well, after his appointment, my husband was in no shape to go treasure shopping and so we left for home an hour and a half away.

Today, we were back in the city and that Pawn Shop was at the top of my list. I really went back for this cute little rocking chair but I had also looked at this unusual fold down table that was really unstable and had seen better days. My husband looked at the table and told me it would be a beautiful piece once re-glued and stabilized with new hardware. The pawn shop owner told us the table was a gate leg table and upon looking closer, I finally saw it's real potential. It was certainly made of good wood as the darn thing was heavy! My poor little rocking chair had a couple of really poor paint jobs. Originally, it had been varnished and then it had a bright blue coat of paint on top of that and then some poor soul had painted it dark brown on top of that but had not primed it first and so in the places that it had been scratched, you could see the bright blue.

Luckily, the owner was looking to clear out the old furniture as he had sold out and the new owner did not want to sell used furniture, which was a shame. We got a good deal on both pieces and brought them home in our SUV.

 The table is missing a leaf or maybe two, but my husband says that once we know what kind of wood it is, he can fabricate some leaves to fit the table if we want to extend it. If only this old furniture could talk! It just needs to be stripped to see what kind of wood it is!
I love the wood worked pattern on this old rocking chair! It's low to the ground, but has no arms and from what we can see, never had any arms! The rockers are in mint condition so that means it hasn't seen all that much use.

More projects on my hit list for the summer and fall...


  1. OMG!!! Di, I have almost that exact gate leg/drop leaf table!!!!!! I can't see where it's missing a leaf at though, they usually only have would the other leaves fit on the table??

  2. There's place in the center of the table to pull it apart and put the leaves into it. Do you know anything about this table, like how old it is?

  3. You look like you are going to be very busy refinishing these pieces.