Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blanket is finished with a few modifications...

I'm not sure what it is with me and patterns, I know how to read a crochet pattern but the last two patterns I've made, there have been modifications to them made by me. The knitting part of the blanket went off without a hitch but the crochet boarder, well, I had to reduce the amount of single crochets drastically.

This is my finished blanket with the crochet trim, still needs to be washed. I love how it turned out. 
 This is a close up of the boarder I did on the underside. The single crochet I did between the knitted rows turned out beautifully and stabilized the blanket edges really well. The pattern called for two single crochet stitches in each space between the rows and that was way too much, made the blanket edge really bulky. Of course the yarn I used is super thick and works wonderfully with the Knifty Knitters. Even with only one single crochet per space, that became bulky also and so then when that happened, I'd skip a single crochet stitch in one of the spaces between the rows. I then totally skipped the shell edge that was called for, the blanket already looked wonderful!

I can't wait to mail it!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm going to try one....

  2. It's beautiful, Di & I can only imagine how snuggly soft it must be!!! I'm sure that it will be treasured by both the New Mama AND the new Baby!