Saturday, January 19, 2013

Making Bows and Youtube

I'm heading off today to the local second hand store to buy various sizes of forks to make bows. I searched it on Youtube and it is super easy for a gibbled woman to handle.

Making bows with a turkey fork:

Making bows with a kitchen fork:

Using the Bow Easy:

I have rolls upon rolls of ribbon beautifully displayed in a drawer and that's where it usually stays. Now, Im going to pretty up my cards and layouts with handmade bows. Yes, I can do it and so can you! :-)

I have as yet to find a place that I can order a bow easy from, but there's nothing stopping me from making my own template with the sizes that I prefer for my projects. I do think though, that the way to go is with the forks, easier to put between your knees as you watch TV. So glad I found these this morning!


  1. Hmmmmmm... a "gibbled woman" ????! I have no doubt that you'll be bow-mazing in no time & can't wait to see some pics!