Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I have never had so much trouble cutting out a chicken with my E2

Today, my wonderful E2 decided to drive me crazy. I first called Provo Craft and had to update my E2. The young lady that first spoke to me assured me that my beautiful machine would not bite the dust with an update. I could not get the update to work. Called PC again and got another rep who walked me and my son (remember I am techno challenged) through getting the update to work with my Norten antivirus. Seems there's been a Norten update that messes with PC's update program. Got that updated. Then I reset my machine. Still my cricut would cut across my cuts when moving from one place of the cut to another. One more time, I called PC and we figured out that my blade housing was defective. I took my blade housing out of my pink E and popped it into my E2. Voila, my beautiful machine was making perfect cuts again. PC is sending me a new blade housing in  a couple of days. I am a happy camper.

This layout was inspired from a pin on Pinterest. Of course it looks nothing like the original pin, but I'm quite pleased with this layout. Darn chicken gave me grey hair to cut out!

Two photographs of farm related activities are on their way from the photo processor. I've been trying to use more prints on my layouts because, well, I have lots of stacks of prints that I have to start using. This layout is simple but I'm pretty pleased with it.


  1. Great layout!!! Who woulda thunk that a little ole' rooster could bring you to your knees????!! And my goodness, isn't technology ever so helpful ; ) ???! The last time I tried to cut chipboard with my E2, I swear I could've gnawed it faster, & better, than my STOOPID machine cut it! I'm looking forward to seeing this again with the pics on it...Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for the lovely comments....

  3. This layout is so fun. Thansk for sharing it.

  4. I like this layout a lot. I had to laugh at your story because I had recently updated my Gypsy which told me to update my Create. When I did, it would not cut. So I updated my G again and finally it worked. In my case it was a darn penguin... just bad luck with birds with the pair us, huh?