Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Finished Grandpere's rocking chair

My grandpere's rocking chair, about 100 years old, is finally finished. I did some digging and found a photo of it's original condition. It had no paint or finish on some parts of it. At some places, it looked like the chair had had stripper left on it and the wood looked like it had been eaten. I did the best I could sanding and more sanding. I rinsed the chemical off carefully with the car wash, let it dry really well and sanded some more.

Here is my chair finished. I'd say it's a massive improvement.

A bit of a closer look at the fine detailed carving.

I started applying the gel stain with an old rag, let it dry completely and applied a second coat. It was relatively smooth so I applied one coat of urethane varnish. Let it dry completely and lightly sanded the whole chair and then wiped it down completely to remove all the sanding dust. One final coat of urethane varnish was once again applied.
It's been a long and drawn out process but so entirely worth it.


  1. Diane, your finished chair looks fantastic. I agree that it was so entirely worth it!

  2. Diane, I have refinished several rockers, straight back chairs, tables and porch swings, so I FULLY understand the time and effort that went into this project. You did a fabulous job and I'm sure your Grandpere would be proud of you. Now enjoy rocking in your little piece of refinished history!

  3. Oh, Di!!! It turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I swear that carved, detailed area looks like leather in those pics...& I think that's amazing!!! I know you worked really, really hard on this project & I hope you're pleased with how it turned out & proud of yourself for taking the time to do it right! Do you have any pics of your Grandpere sitting in the chair? Wouldn't it be cool to have a pic of him in it & a pic of you in it now in it's new state???!

  4. Thank you for the comments, they make me feel special!

    As for pics of my grandpere, I have very few and none in the chair. He died when I was still a toddler, I remember him vaguely...

  5. Wow, this chair is just a piece of art, isn't it? I never thought of chair in this way until I saw your grandpere's chair. I think it is so wonderful how well you care taking care of this treasure.

  6. This chair is gorgeous and you have done a fabulous job of restoring it - wow! TFS and A Very Happy New Year.