Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's just too hot to create!

We don't have air conditioning. Not that it matters, the heat seems to be sucking the energy out of me during the day at work. I have been watering in the garden every morning and picking and freezing all kinds of vegetables. The little bit of creating I've been doing is in the kitchen. I had really delicious raspberries and my son wanted some dairy free home made ice cream. I found a recipe on the net for raspberry ice cream made with coconut milk. So we made up a batch and the boy thought that he'd died and gone to Heaven. Tonight we made a chocolate orange ice cream. I don't think we will ever buy ice cream again!

So my afghan that I have 3 rows left on it to finish, sits in the rocking chair waiting for the weather too cool. My rocking chairs need to be sanded outside or in the garage and they too are waiting for the weather too cool. The flies are horrendous and the horses and dogs are suffering so we fire up the bug zappers every night and plug them up because we have sooooo many flies and mosquitos. The horse flies are the size of rockets!

The extent of my crafting? Well, I ordered a few more carts from and bought more paper (shhhhh don't tell everyone how much I really have!) I bought new blades for my cricut too....oh and some mats. I'm hoping to have time, once the garden slows down to create once again.

A bit more than 20 drops of rain at a time would help my crafting greatly!

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