Saturday, August 25, 2012

Came across this Bench I painted for my God daughter

I found the pattern for this cute little bench in a magazine and painted it for Christmas for my God Daughter several years ago. Unfortunately, the winter scene on the back of the bench is not very clear as the flash washed out the colors. Since then, I've acquired a digi camera (after vowing never to buy one!) and love how one can see immediately the photos.  I'd like to paint this again one day. This is one of the things I want to do again, paint. I have a love affair with paint, I love everything about it. My God Daughter is going into Grade 6 this year, how time flies, I painted this when she was just a little gaffer.

I'm trying to slow my life down a bit so I can actually create once again. We were out camping last week and I saw a woman toting a rag jean blanket to the campfire and I thought, I miss sewing and making quilts especially. So when I slow down the work part of my life these are some of the things I want to create again. I love scrap-booking, genealogy and anything creative! It's just a part of me.


  1. Diane, I haven't been very good about visiting blog and I am trying to fix that! I am just snooping here to catch up-- I couldn't pass up commenting on this bench-- I it gorgeous!!!

    I know she adored it! I love it!

  2. She did actually love it. She's a special little girl. Thanks for stopping by, I haven't been very active just goes crazy and takes over!