Saturday, June 9, 2012

Treasures at the Vintage store

Just down the block from where I work, there's a vintage store which I really really love. I don't get to go shopping there very often...but this morning I did. I was looking for knitting patterns that I could adapt to my knifty knitters. This is what I found:

The first mini book I found was the Doorstop Critters one, I fell in love with the hen and her chicks. It's a crochet pattern, which I know how to do. Price: $1 Then I found the lacy pattern book called Sentimental Shells that I thought would be beautiful as gifts once made up...various crochet patterns. Price: $1. I thought that I'd really gotten a great deal!

Next, I found this folk  art painting book by one of my favorite folk art painters. Price: $3 By now I'm thinking I've had a really productive morning.
In the third one foot high pile I came across the Pooh crochet book...boy was I excited! Right underneath it was the Mickey and Minnie pattern. Now, I was way over the moon! Both were $1 each. I love vintage stores and garage sales! Well worth going shopping and digging!

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