Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Finishing projects

I have lots of wonderful and bright ideas as an artist. Yes, that's what I'm calling myself....an artist. Why? Because I'm always creating something. Always creating something tends to make me start works of art but not finish them. Hard to imagine, I know! So last night I took out an afghan that needs 6 rows to be finished. Yup, been sitting on a chair in my living room waiting to be finished with just six rows. I finished 1 row last night while watching Master Chef. I've been collecting yarn it seems like forever and I had tons of baby yarn in various colors. So, in order to use the yarn, I crocheted a blanket with three strands at a time and it created a nice thick warm blanket in pastels. My poodle in her crazy little mind thinks it's hers. I even had to wash it because she dragged her chew sticks onto it and settled in for a good chew and slobbered all over the blanket. So I washed it again. Then I placed it on a chair she doesn't like so I can actually work on it while it was clean. I usually give my blankets away as gifts, but this one because it's so nice and soft, I'm keeping for me, just because. I'm allowed to keep some of my works of art, don't you think?


  1. Yes, you are allowed to keep some of your works (and you should)! Your darling little poodle is so smart - she knew you were keeping it. I know you will get those last five rows knocked out in no time.

  2. Your blanket sounds nice. Lets see a picture. And of course you get to get keep a little something for yourself.