Monday, May 21, 2012

Finishing up bird house projects

I had base coated a bunch of bird houses, just never finished the details. I chose an indoor/outdoor craft paint for this house. There are three coats on this house and two coats of outdoor satin finish on top of everything.
This is the other side of this bird house. My husband is going to nail it to the top of a post.
A bird house I picked up at Michaels a while back. It's painted with three coats of black and gold from the Patio Paint brand. I love this brand as the colors do not fade with the sun. Two coats of Folkart satin outdoor finish coats everything. Except the bird perch and the inside of the hole. If those are painted, the birds can't get a grip because the paint is slippery. The pattern on this bird house is from the book "Beginning Khokhloma" a style of Russian folk art. I haven't painted in a while and my hand isn't as steady and I definitely need new brushes. I soooo love to paint!


  1. I love your birdhouses!! Super cute!! Have you put them out yet? Any residents? I would love to see more pictures and some of your gardens too, taken with your new camera!! Have a sunny day. Hugs, Colleen

  2. As soon as it stops raining...

  3. Your birdhouses are beautiful. Clearly your love of painting has shone through on these works of art.

  4. Thank you, I'm just getting back into painting and plan on doing a lot more. My sketch pad is calling my name....

  5. Hi Di,
    Your birdhouses are so gorgeous! I love your folk art, you are quite a talented painter and paper crafter.
    Colleen (Gonescrappin' CMB)

  6. Thank you, you are very kind. I'm a rusty painter...